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India, the 3rd largest energy consumer in the World

  • Billion units of energy produced in 2017
  • 1160.1
  • Coal, gas and oil
  • 64.8%
  • Renewables
  • 20.1%
  • Energy consumption growth rate
  • 4.2%
  • per annum
  • Million Units energy supply deficit in 2017
  • 8,567
  • Giga tons of carbon emissions in 2017
  • 41

The Government of India is fighting two battles on the energy front - meeting the country’s rising energy requirements while simultaneously cutting down its reliance on non-renewable energy sources. BEST’s game changing technology ensures the adequate supply of energy, optimal utilization of renewables, and successful reduction of carbon emissions.

Our solution is a Dream Come True

Our revolutionary High Energy Density Storage Device (HEDS) is the most economical, technological and environmentally sound energy storage solution that is on offer anywhere in the World. It doesn’t take up acres of space. It is compatible with any power source. It greatly lowers the cost of energy.

We promise the World what no one else in the industry can
Global recognition for sustainable innovation making a difference

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